The healing power of soup

“Soup is life distilled into a bowl.”
— Rebecca Katz, author of Clean Soups

The restorative qualities of soup—and bone broth, in particular—have origins in the very beginning of humankind’s relationship with cooking, and have been used for centuries by all of the world’s cultures to bolster health.

Naturally, soup making has found its way into the Warrenton Wellness Kitchen. We consider our stocks and broths to be life-supporting; because some of our customers have compromised immune systems, we only use organic chicken and pasture-fed beef bones. If what you need is a vegan or vegetarian stock, we can accommodate you, too. Each batch you bring home contains everything your body needs to renew and reenergize itself, particularly when you’re feeling under-the-weather or your energy has been sapped by medical treatments.  

We create our soups from scratch using homemade stock and the freshest whole ingredients available. The result: flavorful, nutrient-dense soups derived from a wide variety of plants, minerals and proteins. We skip the artificial ingredients, saturated fat, and high levels of sodium commonly used to “enhance” flavor.

Our stock and bone broth come frozen and ready for you to use in your favorite recipes. It is our hope that you use these stocks and broths to help create a sense of wellbeing, renewal, health and vitality.