Our Services


Wellness is at work in Our kitchen!

Whether you are fit and want to prevent illness, want to lose weight, or are newly-diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or diabetes, The Wellness Kitchen is here to help you reach your goals with a line of products and services that are meant to make eating a health-supporting diet easy and affordable.  

And with our penchant for international cuisine, you’ll feel like you’re anywhere but your kitchen as aromas and flavors take you to places far, far away.  You’ll never be bored with your choices!

Our chefs adapt recipes from kitchens across the globe as we prepare menus that have delighted customers for years.  All ingredients, herbs, and spices are selected for their nutritional or healing qualities; meals are designed to nourish body and mind so that you can thrive every day.  We use our knowledge to prepare delicious meals and plans that use clean lean proteins, lots of plants, very little sodium, and use no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

We provide delicious prepared food* and meal plans for numerous dietary lifestyles, including:

  • Families and busy professionals

  • In-home senior care

  • Anyone needing dietary support after a diagnosis of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or CKD

  • Active retirees cooking for one

  • Dietary lifestyle followers such as 40-30-30, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Raw, Gluten & Dairy Free

  • Allergy-specific

  • Nutritional therapy for candida, AIP, IBS and more

  • Or if you simply do not like to cook!