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This Is Where Eating Really Well

Happens Easily


deliciously lean and clean,

prepared for you.

No cooking. Delivered.


food you can count on to be good for you


The Wellness Kitchen of Warrenton knows a little something about eating well. Using fresh, clean, seasonal and local ingredients, we prepare every dish from scratch so that each meal is of the highest quality and tastes amazing. What’s more, we treat food as medicine, so when you order from us you’ll know that we’re using ingredients that your body needs to flourish and thrive! That’s the end goal, isn’t it? To live well and thrive no matter your age or stage in life. Read more.


Wellness is at work in the kitchen!


Whether you are fit and want to eat well, need to lose weight, have chronic inflammation, IBS or are newly-diagnosed with a life-changing condition, The Wellness Kitchen is here to help you reach your goals with a line of products and services that are meant to make eating a health-supporting diet easy and affordable.  

And with our penchant for international cuisine, you’ll feel like you’re anywhere but your kitchen as aromas and flavors take you to places far, far away.  You’ll never be bored with your choices!

order what fits your style below:


Prepared Meals

Our Prepared Meals service offers customized meals and convenience! These meals are fully-cooked so all you’ll need to do is heat and enjoy! And, we offer a wide variety of dietary menus to choose from, so you’ll have just the food you need to thrive. Read more.


Personal Chef

Our Personal Chef service is a fully-personalized meal planning, preparation and delivery service, favored by anyone wishing to have their meals prepared for them. All meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen, and we cater to all dietary needs and preferences. With a Personal Chef by your side, your dinner wish is our command!


Meal Plans

Prefer to shop and cook? Our Meal Plan service is for you! Our plans offer the same health-supporting benefits as our Prepared Meals, with more variety than meal kit delivery for less cost and zero packaging to recycle! Plans, recipes, shopping lists made easy! Read more.


Health Providers

Food is medicine in many parts of the world. When we approach food this way, we put people on a path to wellness before, during and after illness. How do we help? We provide personalized, physician-guided meal assistance that helps to restore a patient’s health and wellness and gets them on the right dietary path.