Health Providers

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Food as medicine…

Food is medicine in many parts of the world.  When we approach food this way, we put people on a path to wellness before, during and after illness.  

How do we help?  We provide personalized, physician-guided meal assistance that helps to restore a patient’s health and wellness and gets them on the right dietary path.

Our chefs actively search out food curated here at home and globally for culinary influences that are centuries old for ingredients that have been proven to aid such illnesses as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and more.  See our Sample Menus for the wide variety of conditions we can assist you with treating.  

When a patient needs to change what and how they eat due to any of the above conditions, or dietary intervention is needed to boost immunity and reduce inflammation after a cancer diagnosis, let The Wellness Kitchen help you to get your patients on track.  We’re here to assist pre-, during, and post-treatment.  

Food that works in concert with medical treatments for patients

Patients with any of these life-changing conditions can benefit from our personalized attention to meal preparation, ingredient selection, portion and sodium control and more.  Turning to what we do best, which is preparing delicious fresh food that’s clean and clear of artificial ingredients and preservatives, from scratch, we preselect recipes and create plans that combat these health issues head on.  We also prepare and deliver meals throughout the DMV.

We would be happy to provide your office with information about The Wellness Kitchen of Warrenton.