Finished meals - no cooking required!

Even if you love to cook, you know that despite all our best efforts, we simply don’t always have the time to prepare a nutritious meal. Our Grab 'n Go freezer stock is a convenient way to save time without skimping on good food choices.  And if you give us a day or two advance notice, you have your choice of many seasonal dishes that will be prepared especially for you.

Our meals to go service is perfect for those who want the convenience and joy of simple, healthy and delicious meals. Because Venus cooks in her own custom-designed space, she is able to provide you and your family with consistency and quality. And prepare for variety, as Venus’ passion lies squarely in international cuisine, so you can expect to see dishes you know and a few you will want to try.

Our menu is updated seasonally, and there's something for every craving: soup, stew, salad or a full dinner for a family of four or more.  And every dietary preference:  vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, low-sodium (although everything we prepare is naturally lower in salt), dairy-free, you name it.  Simply choose the meals you’d like to pick up or have delivered, and we'll take it from there.